Privacy Policy

User voice recordings and file uploads are used for the purpose of voice conversion only.

Koe AI does not attempt to perform any of the following on files sent to us:

  • Identification of the speaker(s) in files
  • Usage of the speaker as a future target of voice conversion without consent
  • Scanning content for offensive or otherwise inappropriate content unless it violates United States law

Data collected from you:

  • While using the web application, basic browser information including your IP address and user agent are stored in server logs, but are deleted within a few months and not used for analysis
  • We employ a third party-service, Google Analytics, that may be used to help us learn aggregate information about our website visitors
  • If you upload a voice recording or video clip to the website, it is stored on our server so that we may process it and return it to you. The output is also stored on our server so that we can serve it to you properly and you may link it to others if desired
  • The local application sends basic diagnostic information such as time spent using it and chosen voices, as well as any feedback that you explicitly send to us
  • If the local app encounters a critical error or a bug report is sent, it will also send information about your build of Windows, your microphone devices, and the local log of the application, which may include the temporary filepath that it runs from. This information is only used to help improve the application and is not used for any form of tracking, advertising (which we do not perform currently), etc.

If you are a resident of a jurisdiction with data protection laws such as Europe or California, you have all rights granted to you within those respective laws. Please send any relevant requests to [email protected].